Zhejiang Jiang Chao Motor Industrial Co., Ltd. 2016 employees in recognition of the General Assembly and 2017 Spring Festival party

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2016年,In 2016, Zhejiang Jiang Chao Motor over the scheduled target of 300,000 units of production, the annual output value of over 400 million, made gratifying achievements in this year, can not do without the dedication of the company employees, efforts, sweat, in order to celebrate 2016 Zhejiang Jiangchao Motor Industrial Co., Ltd. in 2016 in recognition of outstanding performance in this year's staff, especially the theme of "change & growth and efficiency" of Zhejiang Jiang Chao Motor Industry Co., Ltd. 2016 staff recognition ceremony and 2017 Spring Festival party.

Vice President Cai Yuegang delivered an opening speech

General Manager Wu Jianqing read the list of outstanding staff and awards

The team with the overall awareness, sense of service and sense of coordination is the excellent team. In 2016, the company emerged a lot of excellent team, they have a high team spirit, mutual unity, mutual support, mutual help, team members with tacit understanding, relying on the collective strength of the team, excellent job requirements and production targets. They have some cooperation, improve efficiency; some excellence, excellent product quality, self-pressure, continuous improvement, continuous improvement and improvement. They use the team's excellent performance interpretation of what is the real excellent team.

General Manager Wu Jianqing for the "team collaboration award" ralph lauren pas cher, won the team logistics support department, factory technical award

General Manager Wu Jianqing for the "team progress award" ralph lauren team won the team quality department, hand embedded line workshop award


Homogeneous reality, the need for innovative talent and team, in the fierce competition in the industry, business competition is the talent and innovation of competition. Technology Department forge ahead, assiduously, led the development of technological innovation. For the company to save costs and enrich the product line for the company's development in 2017 has injected new vitality and power.

General Manager Wu Jianqing for the "Technology R & D Award" won the team technical awards

Excellent staff representative - assembly workshop staff Yu Yu award speech award

Outstanding team representative quality manager Chen Aiguo won the award

Workshop director on behalf of the shaft workshop director Jiang made the speech

Graduates on behalf of the Purchasing Department Chu Zhenhua speech

General Manager Wu Jianqing for the 2016 work summary & amp; 2017 work plan

In this new occasion, Zhejiang Jiang Chao Motor to celebrate the brilliant achievements of 2016, looking forward to a better future in 2017, to show the company culture, held 2017 Spring party.

2017 Spring Festival begins

Chen Jianyue for toast words

The following is the annual show game photo